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The foundation of ENI - European Network for Ichthyosis

On September 1st, 2007 the European Network for Ichthyosis (ENI) started
in Muenster, Germany.

Representatives of Ichthyosis patients' associations from Spain,
Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and Italy met in

The First World Conference on Ichthyosis, which was hosted by NIRK, the
German Network for Ichthyosis and Related Keratinization disorders, took
place at the same time, so the representatives also had the opportunity
to be part of this Conference led by Prof. Dr. Heiko Traupe. This first Pan-European meeting witnessed inspiring and fruitful
discussions on the possibilities of co-ordinated European networking.

All representatives agreed that having a common voice, working on joint
activities at a European level and obtaining a partner for all European
authorities, should be the main targets of our Pan-European

The European ichthyosis associations now have a mailing list enabling
discussions about European topics, the exchange of experiences in
general and, of course, direct contact to arrange pan-European
activities. The associations that were unable to participate in this meeting are
being contacted and invited to join us as we develop some activities. Many thanks to NIRK and the German Selbsthilfe Ichthyose for hosting
this first meeting of European ichthyosis associations.
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